This 55 minute multi level class will challenge every muscle in your body. It incorporates your cardio and resistance all in one 55 minute class – designed to work each muscle group to exhaustion. This class is a high cardio class, that will also burn 500- 700 calories in less than an hour!


This 55 minute high cardio class fuses ballet, pilates and boxing. It is meant for maximum calorie burn! This class has a bit of bouncing, and may not be best for knee, ankle, or hip issues.

Strengthen and

This 60 minute class is a slower paced class that is designed for working muscle groups to exhaustion, working the entire body, one or two muscle groups at a time, focusing on form, flexibility, and the elongation of the body!

Sculpt and Stretch

This 45 minute express class is designed for increasing core strength and elongating the body. It is designed to help improve posture, flexibility and long, lean muscle tone.