“I feel alive in my body in a way that I never have with any other workout. I’m 60 years old, and I’ve tried a bunch of them! My husband notices not just the toning, but a new body strength he’s never seen me have. It’s really helping me with balance and posture, too. Fit in 60, I’m so glad I found you,”

— Bev, Carlsbad, CA.

“I’ve enjoyed participating in the Fit in 60 method for the past 3 months. It has not only allowed me to terminate my gym membership (which I was never particularly fond of in the first place) but also allow some lingering running injuries to heal. The greatest benefit has been in the improvements to my physique and consequently self-confidence. I look forward to working out now whereas I previously dreaded any type of indoor class exercise programs. I wish I had known about Fit in 60 years ago! This is a concept that yields miraculous results!”

— Lyndell, Carlsbad, CA.

“Since coming to Fit in 60 Carlsbad, I have experienced amazing changes to my body! Not only do I feel beautiful and graceful, but also I love my physique! In one hour I get an incredible workout that benefit my entire body and I have a flat stomach, toned arms and legs. Plus my body feels amazing! After many years of exercising at gyms, lifting weights, kickboxing, running, and playing soccer my body hit a plateau of change. My aches and pains had developed into sciatica, plantar fascia with a long term tear in my knee. My body was getting bigger due to the style of group exercises and weights that I was doing to compensate for my injuries. Fit in 60 Carlsbad changed my attitude, expectations and most of all my sciatica and plantar fascia disappeared. I could never touch my toes before or even lift my legs up to a ballet bar. Now I twist, balance, stretch and perform every exercise as I smile at myself in the mirror!”

— Trish, Carlsbad, CA