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Licensing Programs and Support Services

According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, franchised businesses have a 97% success rate within 5 years of opening, whereas non-franchised businesses have a, comparatively low, success rate of 48% in their first 6 years. 30% of franchisees make over $150,000 a year.  If you’re looking to franchise a barre studio, look no further!

With our licensing programs, you will learn how to avoid some of the largest mistakes, and potentially save yourself over $50,000 – $100,000 per year when starting your business!
Fitness is very geographically specific. Your client in Florida may have a much different need than my client in California. So Fit in 60 wants to provide you with the systems and support that you would get with a franchise, while still allowing you the opportunity to customize your business model to best fit your clientele!

Adding Fit in 60 Programs to a current fitness studio - $1,000
  • List of best vendors for props, studio systems, etc
  • We will share our experience with you to help you add these programs with the least amount of start up expense
  • This option offers one one-hour private question and answer period to cover any items you are still unsure on in adding the Fit in 60 Programs
Fit in 60 Studio In a Box - Opening your own new fitness facility - $8,000
  • Franchise Like Support, without the franchise rules and expenses to launch your business!
  • A manual describing the target market as well as what you are looking for in a studio space
  • Assistance in finding the proper studio location to maximize profits while minimizing costs
  • Studio vendor list – help finding the best vendors for outfitting your studio professionally on a budget
  • Checklist of steps to follow to ensure you have met all your legal obligations and are protected
  • Launch Strategy – from Pre-sale to Grand Opening – Checklist of all things to do to market your business prior to opening to maximize initial memberships, income, and profitability
  • Website and social media launch assistance and access to our preferred vendors at a discounted rate
  • Weekly videos with tips and guidance on what to do to successfully launch your business
  • This option offers three one hour private phone calls
Fit in 60 Business Management and Marketing Programs - $5,000 Annually
  • Franchise like ongoing support, while allowing you the autonomy to run your business YOUR way, and not share a percentage of YOUR revenues!
  • Social Media, Marketing, and Advertising support in launching your fitness facility
  • Sample Print Ads
  • Marketing Photos
  • Sample forms, staff manuals, etc
  • Sample instructor and staff review programs
  • Sample sales scripts and staff motivational training.
  • Ongoing Marketing Support and Client Engagement programs – including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc
  • Annual business owners’ conference to share best practices for each year you participate in the program

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